Lula Investigated for Being Odebrecht's "Trafficker-in-Chief"

Saturday, May 2, 2015
According to Brazil's Epoca, former President Lula da Silva is being investigated by the federal authorities for influence trafficking on behalf of the construction company, Odebrecht.

The investigation is looking into projects brokered by Lula -- and financed through billions of dollars in Brazilian taxpayer money -- with some of the world's most disreputable regimes.

Featured prominently among these is the $800 million that Odebrecht received to build the new Port of the Mariel facility, in partnership with the Cuban military.

Since then, Odebrecht has become the Castro regime's most prized foreign business partner.

Odebrecht is also under investigation by Brazilian prosecutors for corruption, slave labor, inhumane conditions, international human trafficking, curtailment of freedom, retention of documents and other violations.

We've long been critical of this company's immoral practices and out-sized role in taxpayer projects in Miami-Dade County.

Its business with Castro's dictatorship is so treasured (and obviously greased) that it chose to go to court, rather than abide by a Florida law -- overwhelming passed by the state legislature and supported by Miami-Dade County voters -- which would have required it to end its dealing with Cuba prior to receiving any further taxpayer money.

Many have sought to whitewash Odebrecht's behavior -- but ultimately, the truth always prevails.