Note to Treasury: Are Hookers and Booze Part of Educational Travel?

Sunday, May 31, 2015
It's one thing for this school to get privately sued for its illegal activities.

However, shouldn't the Treasury Department also take enforcement action?

Surely hookers and underage drinking aren't part of any educational travel license.

From The Gothamist:

Prep School Official Accused Of Taking Students To Cuba & Getting Them A Hooker

An administrator at the private Poly Prep Country Day School in Brooklyn took two students on a trip to Cuba and purchased them booze, cigars and a hooker, according to a recent lawsuit filed in Brooklyn state Supreme Court.

The suit, filed by employee and alumna Lisa Della Pietra, claims that Poly's Head of Development, Steven Andersen, used school funds to take two senior boys and another alumnus to Cuba in March 2013, first calling the jaunt a "wrestling trip" and later claiming it was part of the students' senior project.

And from the sound of things, this was no typical school trip—the suit alleges that Anderson "paid a prostitute to entertain the students as a ‘rite of passage,’ and drank alcohol to excess and smoked Cuban cigars with them.” Della Pietra also claims Andersen, who was her boss, admitted to her that he went on the trip to invest in a "nest egg," and that he and the two boys had "fun" with a hooker who came to his room looking for tampons.

Della Pietra has accused the school of trying to cover up the trip in order to protect the aforementioned musician. She also claims Andersen intimidated and threatened her, and took bribes from other alumni.