Raul Castro Corners Obama (Yet Again)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Cuban dictator Raul Castro has stated that ambassadors could be named after his regime is removed -- without merit -- from the state-sponsors of terrorism list on May 29th.

Castro knows well the issues impeding the establishment of diplomatic relations, namely that his regime is unwilling to abide by the international standards set forth in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which require that U.S. diplomats be permitted freedom of movement throughout the island.

Moreover, Castro insists on maintaining its repressive security cordon around the U.S. Interests Section, in order to harass, intimidate and monitor any Cubans in its proximity.

The United States does not accept such restrictions in any Embassy throughout the world.

Castro emphasized today that this security cordon is necessary because, "as I said concretely to [President Obama], what most concerns me is that they continue doing illegal things ... for example, graduating independent journalists."

That's verbatim. Imagine that, independent journalists -- the horror!

What Castro did today is corner Obama -- yet again.  

He knows Obama has bet his legacy on establishing diplomatic relations with the Castro regime (the hype of "normalization" has since been downgraded as reality has struck).

Thus, he's betting Obama will make an exception for Castro and allow the establishment of diplomatic relations after May 29th, despite the restrictions against U.S. diplomats and its repressive security cordon.

Such blackmail has worked for Castro on the release of Cuban spies (murderers), the easing of sanctions and its removal from the state-sponsors of terrorism list.

So what's discarding the Vienna Convention and further abandoning Cuban dissidents?

After all, a one-sided deal is still a deal -- of sorts.