Rihanna Hires Castro's Secret Police for Security

Sunday, May 31, 2015
There has been a frenzy about this week's trip to Cuba by pop star, Rihanna.

She was reportedly in Havana filming a music video and photo shoot for Vanity Fair magazine.

Journalists and fans who tried to get a glimpse of Rihanna were confronted by a team of bodyguards -- composed of Cuban nationals.

These Cuban bodyguards used great violence, including pricking the journalists (from NBC and the Spanish agency EFE) with needles (see image caught below).

Clearly, Rihanna, Vanity Fair or the music video's producer hired Cuba's "secret police" to provide protection.

The only entity that provides these "services" in Cuba is called Servicios Especializados de Proteccion (SEPSA), a "private security" firmed owned and operated by Cuba's Ministry of the Interior (MININT).

The MININT is the government ministry tasked with intelligence activities and repression against the Cuban people.

They make money through a host of business subsidiaries, including SEPSA, which provides VIP security services.

Interesting to note that pricking with needles is a favorite tactic used by Castro's secret police against peaceful dissidents.

It was one such prick in 2011, presumably from an infected needle, which resulted in the sudden illness and death of the leader and founder of the female dissident group, The Ladies in White, Laura Pollan.

(Click here to read more about Pollan's mysterious death.)

Regardless of how you feel about U.S. policy, such transactions with Cuba's MININT should be prohibited.

It's like hiring the Stasi, KGB or Securitate for "private security."

It's an abomination.