10th Straight Sunday: Over 100 Cuban Dissidents Arrested, Silence From Obama

Monday, June 15, 2015
For the 10th straight Sunday, the Castro regime has unleashed another wave of repression against peaceful dissidents.

Just in Havana, 68 members of The Ladies in White and 20 other democracy activists were arrested outside Gandhi Park (talk about a sad irony).

Dozens of other activists have been arrested near their homes, including Claudio Fuentes, Agustín López, Liban Santiago, Saqueo Báez, Serafín Morán and Hugo Damián Prieto.

Meanwhile, no word from the Obama Administration. But that's already expected.

Also no word from the visiting delegation of U.S. Senators Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Pat Roberts (R-KS).

Senator Flake and company have been busy wining and dining with Castro regime officials, but not a word of support for these imprisoned dissidents.

Not that we expected anything different from Senator Flake.

But does Senator Collins feel good about peaceful Cuban women being violently beaten and arrested, while she's embracing their oppressors?

Why doesn't Senator Collins take some time to meet with the leader of The Ladies in White, Berta Soler, while in Cuba -- if she hasn't been imprisoned yet?

Sure, the Senator's Castro regime hosts will probably not like it -- but doing the right thing is never easy.