Obama Admits Cuba Sponsors Terrorism, But...

Sunday, June 21, 2015
Last week, the State Department released its 2014 Country Reports on Terrorism ("Report").

The Report examines terrorism activities throughout 2014, prior to Obama's unmerited rescission of Cuba as a "state-sponsor of terrorism."

It provides further evidence of how Obama's decision was not based on the legal requirements for the removal of a country from the list -- but from political manipulation and wishful thinking.

Case and point -- according to the Report:

"The Government of Cuba does continue to allow approximately two dozen members of the Basque Fatherland and Liberty Organization (ETA) to remain in the country."

But, says Obama, Castro promised they'll behave.

"The Government of Cuba does continue to harbor fugitives wanted to stand trial or to serve sentences in the United States for committing serious violations of U.S. criminal laws, and provides some of these individuals limited support such as housing, food ration books, and medical care."

But, says Obama, we should turn a blind-eye for the sake of our one-sided "negotiations" (concessions).

That must be very comforting to the victims and their families.

By the way, those "serious violations of U.S. criminal laws" include domestic terrorism -- so lets call a spade-a-spade.

"There is no credible evidence that the Government of Cuba has provided specific material support, services, or resources, to members of the FARC, or the National Liberation Army (ELN)."

Trust me, says Obama. Nothing "credible."

Of course, in the Rescission Memo, Obama also accepts the Castro regime's lie that it has "never" supported international terrorism. So why not accept another lie?

That's like saying there's no "credible evidence" that the Castro regime exercises control over the Venezuelan government.

Oh wait, the Obama Administration likes to pretend that's not true either.

Never mind the ship full of weapons caught (inexplicably) in Colombia's Port of Cartagena with war materiel purportedly destined for the Cuban military. Though that was technically in 2015, so the 2014 Report can pretend it never happened.

And the continued murders, bombings, kidnappings and extortion by the FARC and ELN? See no evil, hear no evil.

And how did those FARC commanders, who were part of the "negotiating" team in Havana, find their way back-and-forth to the battlefield. For example, Jairo Martinez, who one day was "negotiating" in Cuba and a few days later was killed in action back in Colombia's Cauca province.

And why has the FARC been recently promoting a new battlefield uniform, which includes a Cuban flag on the beret?

Oh wait, this is all taking place in 2015 (as Obama accepts Castro's lies).