State, Foreign Ops Appropriations Prohibits Funding for Cuban Embassy

Tuesday, June 2, 2015
The House Appropriations Committee has just released its FY 2016 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill.

This bill funds the operations of the State Department.

As the bill's summary highlights, it contains the following prohibitions:

CubaThe bill includes a prohibition on funds for an embassy or other diplomatic facility in Cuba, beyond what was in existence prior to the President’s December announcement proposing changes to the U.S.-Cuba policy. It also restricts funds to facilitate the opening of a Cuban embassy in the U.S., increases democracy assistance and international broadcasting to Cuba, and provides direction to the Secretary of State on denying the issuance of visas to members of the Cuban military and the Communist party.

This is the third must-pass Appropriations bill with Cuba limitations.

The Commerce, Justice Appropriations bill contains a provision ensuring that none of the exports authorized under the Obama Administration's new "Support for the Cuban People" category (under Commerce Department regulations) can be funneled through entities owned or controlled by the Castro regime's military or security services.

And the Transportation Appropriations bill contains language prohibiting the use of confiscated property for new travel -- by airplane or vessels -- to Cuba.