Height of Irresponsibility: NYT Editorial Now Hedges Bet on Cuba

Tuesday, July 21, 2015
For the past year, The New York Times has aggressively been editorializing about how a U.S. policy of engagement -- and unlimited concessions -- with Castro's regime will encourage reforms and freedoms for the Cuban people.

Now that it owns the policy (along with the Obama Administration), as the flag went up yesterday at the Cuban Embassy in Washington, D.C., amid cheers of "Viva Fidel!", it editorialized:

"It would be naïve to expect that the Cuban government, a dynastic police state, will take big steps in the near future to liberalize its centrally planned economy, encourage private enterprise or embrace pluralistic political reforms. In fact, in the face of potentially destabilizing change and high expectations at home, Cuban officials may be tempted to tighten state controls in the short term."

In other words, legitimize Castro's vile dictatorship, the sole remaining dictatorship in the Americas; pump billions into the regime's military and security services; help it consolidate the middle ranks of its entrepreneurial apparatchiks; turn a blind-eye to its weapons-smuggling and nefarious activities in Venezuela; and pull the carpet from Cuba's courageous democracy leaders.

All for what?

To preserve the regime's status quo -- or for things to even get worse.

But at least Castro won't be able to blame the U.S., says the NYT in solace.

An excuse that -- apparently -- only the NYT actually believed.