Donning Obama Masks, Over 100 Cuban Dissidents Arrested

Monday, August 10, 2015
Over 100 Cuban dissidents have been brutally beaten and arrested over the weekend, as they peacefully gathered and demonstrated against the Castro dictatorship.

First, on Friday, over a dozen members of renowned democracy leader Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet's Emilia Project were arrested.

They include Yuset Perez Moreira, Guillermo Rodriguez Cardenas, Emilio Otero, Gladys Capote Roque, Nieves Capote, Miguel Angel Tirador, Enrique Torres, Camila Araujo, Eduardo Ramos, Augusto Guerra Marquez, Ubaldo Herrera and Lazaro Garcia.

Then, on Saturday, Sonia Garro, a member of The Ladies in White, was brutally beaten (see image below).

Garro, who was released as part of the Obama-Castro deal, was later hospitalized and re-arrested.

Finally, for the 17th Sunday in a row, over 90 democracy activists, including 60 members of The Ladies in White were arrested, as they demonstrated donning Obama masks (see image below).

They denounced the Obama Administration's deals with the Castro dictatorship, which have sidelined Cuba's civil society and democracy movement.

Among those arrested were rocker Gorki Aguila, Claudio Fuentes, Camilo Olivera, Egberto Escobedo, Boris Gonzalez and Antonio Rodiles.

Meanwhile, the home of democracy leader Jorge Luis Garcia Perez "Antunez" was cordoned by regime officials, in order to prevent him from traveling to Havana to join the demonstration.

It was a scene akin to 2009's Green Revolution in Iran, whereby democracy activists questioned what side Obama was on -- a sad confirmation of the lack of "moral clarity" in his foreign policy.

This violence is taking place as Secretary of State John Kerry prepares his visit to Havana this week, and amid speculation that dissidents will not be invited to the flag-raising ceremony at the American Embassy, in order not to "offend" the Castro dictatorship.

It's "what change looks like" in Obama's Cuba policy.