For 19th Sunday in a Row, Over 60 Cuban Dissidents Arrested

Monday, August 24, 2015
Over 60 Cuban democracy activists were arrested in Havana on Sunday, as they sought to peacefully demonstrate after Mass.

Among those arrested were more than 40 members of The Ladies in White, the renowned group composed of the wives, mothers, daughters and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners.

Also arrested yesterday, in the city of Trinidad, were two independent labor leaders -- Adonay Rizo and Osvaldo Arces.

And this morning, former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, was arrested as he headed to the Havana headquarters of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights.

Meanwhile, silence from foreign news bureaus and no consequences from the Obama Administration.

This is "what change looks like" -- more repression, silence and no consequences.