Chilean Legislator (and Former Minister) Arrested in Cuba, Along With Over 60 Dissidents

Monday, September 7, 2015
For the 21st Sunday in a row, over 60 Cuban democracy activists were arrested yesterday, pursuant to attending Mass in Havana.

Among those arrested were 49 members of The Ladies in White, the renowned organization composed of the mothers, wives, daughters and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners, along with 15 other activists.

Also arrested was Felipe Kast, a young Chilean legislator and former Minister of Planning under the government of former President Sebastian PiƱera.

Kast was violently beaten and detained with the group of Cuban democracy activists.

After being held incommunicado for several hours, he was expelled from the island by the Castro regime.

In the images below, taken prior to his arrest, Kast can be seen (with blonde hair and glasses), peacefully marching alongside Cuban democracy leader Antonio Rodiles.