Cuba and Iran Seek to Jointly Counter "U.S. Hegemony"

Monday, September 7, 2015
From Iranian state media:

Cuban ambassador: Havana willing to expand trade ties with Iran

Cuban Ambassador to Tehran, Vladimir Andres Gonzalez Quesada, on Sunday said that Havana wants to bolster cooperation with Iran in the political, industrial, cultural, economic and trade domains, after termination of sanctions.

Quesada made the remark in an exclusive interview with IRNA on the sidelines of the seminar of the Latin American and Caribbean States, held at the Venezuelan Embassy in Tehran, marking the 200th anniversary of the Charter of Jamaica.

He said Iran and Cuba have had good cooperation, example of which being Cuba giving Iran vaccines and having cooperation in the area of health.

He said, 'We have to counter hegemony of the US and other superpowers.'

He said cooperation not only between Latin American states, Cuba, a member, and Iran but also the ALBA states and the Middle East states should counter the US hegemony.