On Castro's Latest Prisoner "Pardon"

Friday, September 11, 2015
Late last night, Castro's puppet regime in Venezuela handed renowned democracy leader, Leopoldo Lopez, a 13-year prison sentence.

Then, early this morning, the Castro regime announced it will "pardon" 3,500 prisoners.

This was not a coincidence. It's a well-coordinated diversionary tactic, which both regimes know the media will eat up.

And surely, as expected, the media and the regime's charlatans in the United States have been hyping Castro's pardon, while -- wittingly or unwittingly -- misinforming about the facts.

First, there's little reporting about how Castro's "pardon" excludes any political prisoners or those who have stolen meat -- for those are apparently the most serious crimes in Cuba.

Then, the media has misinformed that it's the largest release of prisoners since 1959. That's a statement of historical ignorance.

In 1978, Fidel Castro released nearly 3,800 political prisoners to President Carter. And those were actually political prisoners. But soon thereafter, the cells were refilled.

Moreover, the pre-Papal "pardon" is a familiar ruse of the Castro brothers.

In 1998, Fidel released 300 prisoners ahead of Pope John Paul II's visit. And in 2012, Raul released nearly 3,100 ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's visit.

Again, the cells were quickly refilled, including during Pope Benedict XVI's trip itself, where a crackdown on democracy activists resulted in some spending up to three years in prison, without trial or charges. Such was the case of The Ladies on White's Sonia Garro.

Finally, today's "pardon" of 3,500 non-political prisoners stands in contrast to the over 4,000 political arrests the Castro regime has undertaken since December 17th, 2014.

A vivid reminder of how Castro uses the revolving-door of his prisons for political purposes.

That includes the 2009 hostage-taking and imprisonment of American hostage Alan Gross, which led to the successful coercion of the Obama Administration, and to the one-sided concessions in the December 17th deal.