An Asinine Meeting: Obama Official Discusses "Security" With Head of Cuba's Repressive Organs

Friday, October 30, 2015
Last week, the Obama Administration gleefully announced an agreement with the Castro dictatorship to protect the island's shark population.

This, of course, while the number of Cubans fleeing the island has skyrocketed since the Obama-Castro deal. And God-knows the countless number of innocent Cubans who have lost their lives on the Florida Straits trying to flee Castro's dictatorship over the years. Some estimate nearly 100,000.

Yet, the Obama Administration is focused on protecting the sharks.

It's truly unbelievable.

And just when you think it can't get any more tasteless and insulting, the Obama Administration strikes again.

Yesterday, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, visited Havana and met with none other than Castro's "new" Minister of the Interior (MININT), General Carlos Fernandez Gondin.

General Gondin is in charge of the repressive apparatus that harasses, tortures, imprisons and kills innocents Cubans. There's no sugar-coating here -- these MININT forces, which include the feared "Avispas Negras" ("Black Hornets") special forces (pictured below), are absolutely brutal.

In recent years, General Gondin has also been Castro's point-man in coordinating Venezuela's repressive organs, which has resulted in thousands of arrests and the death of dozens of protesters, including young students.

General Gondin is popularly referred to in Cuba as "The Fairy Godmother" for "he loves to make numbers out of names and turn people into a national security issue."

Isn't that charming?

And yet, Undersecretary Mayorkas, was discussing "bilateral cooperation" and the "need for greater security" with this ruthless General.

Protecting Cuba's sharks and partnering with its repressive organs -- is that how Obama seeks to empower the Cuban people?

We'd also note this stands contrary to U.S. law.

One of the conditions for the lifting of the embargo in the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act ("Libertad Act") is precisely for the Cuban regime to "dissolve the present Department of State Security in the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, including the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the Rapid Response Brigades."

Yet, the Obama Administrations seeks to "cooperate" with it.

Just think of the dangerous message being sent.

From AFP:

Cuba, US Agree on Need to Cooperate on Security

The United States and Cuba have agreed on the need to cooperate on security issues surrounding trade and travel between the two former Cold War foes, the communist party newspaper Granma said Thursday.

US Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas held talks Wednesday with Cuba’s recently named Interior Minister Major General Carlos Fernandez Gondin, the latest in a series contacts since the two countries restored diplomatic relations in July.

“During the meeting there was agreement on the need to give substance to bilateral cooperation with the goal of providing greater security to the citizens of both countries and other nations,” Granma said.