Urgent: Cuban Dissidents Protest Chief Prosecutor's Office, Castro Launches Manhunt

Friday, October 23, 2015
On Thursday, nearly 20 Cuban dissidents undertook a surprise protest at the headquarters of Castro's Chief Prosecutor on behalf of political prisoners, Zaqueo Baez, Maria Josefa Acon and Ismael Boris, who were arrested on September 20th and are being held incommunicado for approaching Pope Francis during his Mass in Havana.

The protesters called for the release of these political prisoners and threw pamphlets throughout the premises. They were then able to flee and quickly disperse throughout the streets of Havana.

Click below (or here) to watch video footage of the protest.

Last night, the Castro regime launched a manhunt for the protesters.

Their homes have been raided and families threatened.

Over a dozen have been arrested and some nearly beaten unconscious, including Vladimir Turro Paez.

The protesters are all members of the Civic Action Front (FAC-Orlando Zapata Tamayo) and the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU).