Absurd: Kerry Aide to Support "Private Sector" Through Castro's Military Conglomerates

Monday, November 2, 2015
Last week, we posted how the Obama Administration seeks to "empower" the Cuban people by protecting sharks -- while the number of Cubans fleeing the island doubles -- and through "security cooperation" with Castro's ruthless Ministry of the Interior.

No joke.

As if that weren't absurd enough, one of Secretary Kerry's senior advisors, Amb. David Thorne, is in Havana today to purportedly "support Cuba's emerging private sector."

And how is Amb. Thorne doing so?

Through meetings with Castro regime officials, a visit to the Port of the Mariel and attending the Havana International Fair.

In other words, Thorne is meeting with regime officials; visiting the (corruptly-built) Port of Mariel, which is owned by the Cuban military's shadow company, Almacenes Universales S.A.; and attending the Havana International Trade Fair, which only has one customer, Castro's monopolies.

So much for the "emerging private sector."

And simultaneously, over 150 Cuban dissidents were harassed, beaten and arrested, right under the noses of this U.S. latest delegation.

Every day, it becomes more tragically clear how hopelessly out-of-touch the Obama Administration is with Cuba's realities.