Assad and Castro Are Simply Glorified Terrorists

Saturday, November 28, 2015
Syria's Bashar al-Assad, alongside Russia and Iran, has managed to outwit the international community (including some Republicans and Democrats in the United States) by using ISIS as a scapegoat to salvage his brutal dictatorship.

The fact remains ISIS must be defeated -- plain and simple.

But Assad is no better than ISIS. Actually, Assad has even more blood on his hands than ISIS.

Estimates of people murdered by ISIS are around 10,000. Meanwhile, Assad has murdered over 250,000.

Before ISIS and al-Qaeda, the world's most celebrated (Marxist and Islamic) terrorist was Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, infamously known as Carlos "the Jackal," who is (ironically) serving two life sentences in France -- one for the murder of three French counter-intelligence agents and another for a slate of bomb attacks in train stations that killed 11 and injured 150 people.

Carlos "the Jackal" was the Castro regime's most celebrated pupil. He received his training at one of the Cuban intelligence services ("DGI") training camps near Havana, where he learned guerrilla warfare, sabotage techniques and bomb-making.

Altogether, Carlos "the Jackal" has admitted to being responsible for over 100 attacks that resulted in some 2,000 deaths.

During the 2011 trial that resulted in his second life sentence, Carlos "the Jackal" was asked if he believed that he had made mistakes.

He replied that his crimes were minor. After all, "Fidel Castro has killed more people."

He's half right -- Castro has easily murdered tens of thousands more, but that doesn't make Carlos' crimes "minor."

Yet, this is the same terrorist regime that the Obama Administration is now unconditionally embracing. Moreover, it's the same DGI that now controls the monopolies with whom the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other unscrupulous business lobbyists now want to do business with.

No amount of "whitewashing" will change that. Thus, let's not lose perspective on either front.