Fact: Protests Take Place Every Week in Cuba

Monday, November 30, 2015
Yesterday, over 250 courageous dissidents were arrested, as they attempted to peacefully protest in Cuba.

The week before, over 300 dissidents were arrested.

The week before that, over 150 dissidents were arrested.

And before that, over 200 dissidents were arrested.

For 32 weeks is a row, hundreds of Cuban dissidents have been undertaking peaceful protests, which have been met by the Castro regime's brutal repression and widespread arrests.

For 32 weeks in a row, these protests have also been met by the silence of the Obama Administration, which has relegated the importance of Cuba's democracy activists to closer ties to their oppressors.

They have also been met by the silence of the foreign media, which is too busy propagating the Obama Administration's (increasingly indefensible) policy narrative, fluff stories and remain afraid to lose their bureau's privileged standing on the island.

That's their shameful call. But at least don't distort the facts.

Over the weekend, hundreds of Cubans gathered at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Havana to protest a new visa requirement announced for those who seek to travel to the Andean nation. This is part of the Cuban regime's "handling" of its most recent refugee crisis.

In reporting on the Ecuadorian Embassy affair, the AP's Havana bureau had the gall to write:

"Street gatherings that aren't explicitly pro-government are extremely rare in Cuba and the crowd in front of the Ecuadoran embassy on Friday expressed a degree of anger at President Raul Castro's government that is rarely seen in public."

Meanwhile, The Washington Post's headline read, "Cuba sees rare protest as migration tensions rise."

At the very least, they owe the hundreds of Cuban dissidents arrested every week an apology -- and their readers a correction.