Over 150 Cuban Dissidents Arrested Yesterday

Monday, November 16, 2015
For the 30th Sunday in a row, over 150 Cuban dissidents were arrested by the Castro regime as they tried to attend Mass, then peacefully demonstrate as part of the #TodosMarchamos (#WeAllMarch) campaign.

Among those arrested were over 80 activists from the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) in the eastern city of Santiago.

Meanwhile, in Havana, nearly 70 members of The Ladies in White -- the renowned group composed of the wives, daughters, mothers and other relatives of Cuban political prisoners -- were arrested.

Among those (re-)arrested in Havana were Zaqueo Baez, Maria Acon and Ismael Boris, the three Cuban dissidents who were released last week after spending over a month in prison for approaching Pope Francis.
Ironically, they had joined The Ladies in White in their Sunday march to thank them for all of the pressure and solidarity on their behalf.

Finally, nine members of The Ladies in White, including five from the province of Matanzas, remain unaccounted for after their arrest. They include Leticia Ramos, Marisol Fernandez, Annia Zamora, Sissi Abascal and Mercedes Lopez.

It's "what change looks like" in Obama's Cuba.