Over 1,093 Political Arrests in October

Tuesday, November 3, 2015
The Cuban Commission for Human Rights (CCHR) has documented 1,093 political arrests by the Castro regime during the month of October 2015.

This bring the total number of political arrests in the first ten months of this year to 6,239 -- which is (tragically) on-pace to become one of the most repressive years in recent history.

These are only political arrests that have been thoroughly documented. Many more are suspected.

Now let's do an exercise.

Which one of the following news items have you seen discussed by the Obama Administration or covered by the media this week?

a. The arrest of over 1,093 peaceful Cuban dissidents in October 2015.

b. The incommunicado imprisonment of dissident leaders, Hugo Damian Prieto Blanco and Wilfredo Parada Milian, since last week's protest at Castro's Chief Prosecutor's headquarters.

c. The incommunicado imprisonment of Cuban dissidents, Zaqueo Baez, Maria Josefa Acon and Ismael Boris, since September 20th, 2015, for approaching Pope Francis during his Mass in Havana and pleading for his support.

d. The critical state of Cuban independent journalist, Lamberto Hernandez, who is unconscious and near death on the 27th day of a hunger strike protesting his unjust imprisonment.

e. U.S. companies courting the Castro dictatorship at the Havana International Trade Fair for deals with its monopolies.

Answer: Only (e).

A perfect distraction for Castro's (increasing) repression.