Syria Isn't Obama's Only Refugee Crisis

Monday, November 16, 2015
In Syria, we are seeing the effects of a refugee crisis due to President Obama's (lack-of-a) policy.

Meanwhile, closer to our shores, a Cuban refugee crisis has unfolded as a result of Obama's short-sighted policy.

Yesterday, nearly 1,000 Cubans were being shot at and tear-gassed by the Nicaraguan military (allied to Cuban dictator Raul Castro), as they sought safe-passage through the Central American nation to the United States.

Apparently, they do not share Obama's enthusiasm for "normalizing" relations with Cuba's dictatorship.

From The Tico Times:

Cuban migrants caught in limbo again as Nicaragua sends them back to Costa Rica

Alain Pentón looked surprisingly calm sitting on a bench as a crowd of Cuban migrants anxiously gathered in front of Costa Rica’s immigration control center, just across the border with Panama. Pentón, a 38-year-old Cuban migrant, left the island at the end of September. After facing extortion from Colombian police on his way toward the United States, waiting for a temporary transit visa in Costa Rica was a piece of cake, he said.

Pentón and his group of seven friends and family from Havana eventually received their temporary Costa Rica visas and boarded the first bus out of Paso Canoas. The crowd cheered and the Cubans on board waved to their compatriots as the neon green Tracopa bus pulled onto the Inter-American Highway, headed north. But their troubles weren’t over yet: Nicaragua closed its border to the Cubans on Sunday and riot police fired shots and tear gas after 700 Cuban migrants reportedly tried to cross into the country.