Must-Watch: What Happens to Cuban 'Entrepreneurs' Who Aren't Subservient

Sunday, December 20, 2015
Last week, Cuban "self-employed" entrepreneur, Rebeca Calderon Diaz, was selling her products (e.g. baby diapers) on a corner of Vibora park in Havana.

A police vehicle approached Calderon and told her told leave, as she was selling "unauthorized" products.

She proceeded to show the authorities her "self-employed" license and explain how her products are covered by the same. But the police officers relented.

Calderon Diaz, a member of the dissident Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU), complied and packed her belongings.

Upon doing so, she began chanting "down with the Castros" and "long live human rights."

Click below (or here) to watch what happens next -- under a system where only subservient "entrepreneurs" need apply: