Obama: No Clemency for Violent Criminals in Iran Swap, But Yes for Cuba

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Over the weekend, President Obama offered clemency to seven criminals of Iranian origin imprisoned in the United States, in exchange for four American hostages.

Obama also promised to waive charges against 14 other Iranian criminals wanted for extradition by the United States.

In justifying the swap, senior Obama Administration officials have argued that none of the criminals were "associated with terrorism-related offenses or violent crimes."

So why didn't Obama adopt this "minimal" standard in its prisoner swap with Cuba's regime?

In its (three criminals-for-one American hostage) swap with the Castro regime, President Obama commuted the life sentence of Gerardo Hernandez, the head of a deadly Cuban spy network in the United States, who was sentenced to two life terms for conspiracy to commit murder in the February 1996 deaths of four Americans.

In an extraordinary failure of leadership, President Obama has yet to offer any sympathy or support to the mothers and other relatives of the young Americans who were murdered by the Castro regime in collusion with the Cuban agent whose prison sentence he commuted. In addition to losing their loved ones, these American families saw justice aborted -- without any notice or gesture -- by a stroke of their own President's pen on December 17, 2014.

"It's like they murdered my son all over again," lamented one of the mothers.

Sadly, these American lives mattered less to President Obama.