Over 930 Political Arrests in December, Five Political Prisoners Released Under Obama Deal Serving New Sentences

Monday, January 4, 2016
The Cuban Commission for Human Rights (CCHR) has documented 930 political arrests by the Castro regime during the month of December 2015.

That is nearly double the number of political arrests (489) in December 2014, when the Obama-Castro deal was announced.

It brings the total number of political arrests in 2015 to 8,616, which is (tragically) one of the most repressive years in recent history.

Moreover, there are now five Cuban political prisoners, who were originally released as part of the Obama-Castro deal in December 2014, which are now serving new long sentences.

They are Wilfredo Parada Milian, Jorge Ramirez Calderon, Carlos Manuel Figueroa, Aracelio Ribeaux Noa and Vladimir Morera Bacallao.

Morera Bacallao has been over 85 days on a hunger strike and is near death.

Not only did the Castro regime get a free-pass from making any concrete reforms as part of its deal with Obama -- but it has clearly reneged on the one gesture it had purportedly agreed to.

Yet, the Obama Administration, business lobbyists and the media, keep giving the Castro regime a pass for its repressive acts.

No consequences, no problem. It's a green-light for impunity.