Must-Read: How Cuba's Kaesong (Mariel) Works

Monday, February 15, 2016
For two years, we've explained how Cuba's Mariel economic zone, a centerpiece of every tour by Obama Administration officials and U.S. businessmen, is a ruse. (See here and here.)

Cuba's Mariel zone was modeled after North Korea's Kaesong industrial complex.

It is owned by a shadow company of the Cuban military called Almacenes Universales, S.A.

Ironically, Mariel is also the facility where 240 tons of weapons smuggled to North Korea in 2014 originated from. It was specifically chosen for this operation, in order to prevent detection and avoid any paper trail. (See here to learn more.)

And, as the South Koreans have finally fessed up to as regards Kaesong (see below), it's a source of slave labor, in order to finance the nefarious activities, control apparatus and luxurious lifestyles of the Kim and Castro families.

From Reuters:

North Korea took 70 percent of Kaesong wages for weapons program: South Korea

South Korea said 70 percent of the U.S. dollars paid as wages and fees for the suspended Kaesong industrial project, run jointly with the North, had been diverted for Pyongyang's weapons program and luxury goods for leader Kim Jong Un.

It is the first formal acknowledgement by the South that the 55,000 North Korean workers at the Kaesong complex saw little of the $160 they were paid on average a month.

South Korea on Wednesday suspended the project as punishment for the North's long-range rocket launch on Feb. 7 saying it would no longer allow the funds paid to Kaesong to be used in the North's missile and nuclear programs.

The North conducted its fourth nuclear test last month.

The North called the South's move to suspend operations "a declaration of war" and kicked out all South Korean workers on Thursday and froze the assets of the South Korean firms.

"The wages for the North's workers and other fees were paid in cash in U.S. dollars to the North's authorities and not to the workers," South Korea's Unification Ministry said on Sunday. "This is believed to be channeled in the same way as other foreign currency it earned."

The cash is then kept and managed by the ruling Workers' Party's Office 39 and other agencies, the ministry said. The ministry said it had confirmed the movement of the money through various sources but did not specify them.

Office 39 is widely believed to exist to finance the luxurious lifestyle of the North's leader. The office is also believed to be part of the North's agencies that fund the country's missile and nuclear program.