Obama Green-Lights Mariel Investment, Violates Own Regulations

Monday, February 15, 2016
The Obama Administration has given a special license to a small U.S. company to enter into a venture with the Cuban military to manufacture tractors at the Mariel economic zone.

Not only is this in direct violation of the language, intent and purpose of U.S. law -- as codified by Congress -- but it contravenes the Obama Administration's own regulations issued on January 26, 2016.

Those regulations specifically stated that:

"A general policy of denial will still apply to exports and reexports of items for use by state-owned enterprises, agencies, or other organizations of the Cuban government that primarily generate revenue for the state, including those in the tourism industry and those engaged in the extraction or production of minerals or other raw materials. Additionally, applications to export or reexport items destined to the Cuban military, police, intelligence and security services remain subject to a general policy of denial."

Yet, this license authorizes the tractor company to invest and conduct export transactions with the Cuban military, through one of its shadow companies, Almacenes Universales, S.A., which owns the Mariel economic zone.

That is illegal -- plain and simple. It also highlights the insincerity of the Obama Administration.

Ironically, this news comes as the world learns how North Korea's Kaesong economic zone, after which Mariel was modeled, served only to benefit the nefarious activities, control apparatus and luxurious lifestyle of the Kim regime.

This decision by the Obama Administration should not go unchallenged.

From AP:

US OK's first factory in Cuba since revolution

The Obama administration has approved the first U.S. factory in Cuba in more than half a century, allowing a two-man company from Alabama to build a plant assembling as many as 1,000 small tractors a year for sale to private farmers in Cuba.

The Treasury Department last week notified partners Horace Clemmons and Saul Berenthal that they can legally build tractors and other heavy equipment in a special economic zone started by the Cuban government to attract foreign investment.