Only 48 Hours After Obama's Trip Announced, 200 Cuban Dissidents Arrested

Monday, February 22, 2016
The Castro regime clearly has no respect or deference from President Obama.

They see him as a push-over -- plain and simple.

That's why political arrests in Cuba have increased so sharply since December 17th, 2014. (See graph here.)

That's why Castro wouldn't return a stolen U.S. Hellfire missile for nearly two years -- surely sharing its technology with our foes.

That's why Castro reneged on his deal regarding the release of 53 Cuban political prisoners -- most of whom have been re-arrested -- with several serving new long prison terms.

And now yesterday, just 48 hours after Obama announced his March trip to Cuba, some 200 Cuban dissidents were arrested.

In Havana, over 40 members of The Ladies in White, the internationally-renowned group composed of the wives, daughters, mothers and other female relatives of Cuban political prisoners, were arrested.

Meanwhile, in the eastern provinces, over 150 activists from the Cuban Patriotic Union (UNPACU) were arrested.

Their crime? Peacefully demonstrating as part of the #TodosMarchamos (#WeAllMarch) campaign.

More "change" (and Obama's promises) you can't believe in.