While 170 Cuban Dissidents Are Arrested, France Fêtes Raul Castro

Monday, February 1, 2016
Yesterday, while over 170 peaceful dissidents were being beaten and arrested throughout Cuba, dictator Raul Castro was being received -- with full honors -- by French president Francois Hollande.

The official state visit by Castro began two days after a private tour, whereby the Cuban dictator enjoyed some of Paris' finest shopping, wining and dining.

During Castro's visit, France will grant him further bilateral debt relief, in addition to the $8.5 billion in debt forgiveness it already helped broker through the Paris Club.

Let's be clear: France has already bestowed credits upon Castro in the past; Castro defaulted on them; and didn't help the Cuban people one iota.

The only reason they are doing it all over again is because the Obama Administration has now given the Castro regime a perceived "full, faith and credit" backing of the United States.

Despite the Obama Administration's prediction that the new U.S. policy would allow other countries to hold the Castro regime accountable for its repressive practices, the opposite is occurring.

Presidents, foreign ministers and other dignitaries have flocked to Cuba to discuss business opportunities with Castro's state monopolies. None has made even a minimal gesture of solidarity with Cuba's civil society.

International creditors have forgiven tens of billions in the dictatorship's debts.

All with terms that let Castro "off-the-hook", while letting the Cuban people shoulder the long-term burden of the dictatorship's delinquency.

Quite a deal (triomphe) -- for Castro.