Castro Biographer: How Raul Has Outmaneuvered Obama

Sunday, March 13, 2016
Carefully ponder the following statement from General Raul Castro's Italian biographer, who spent years closely analyzing and understanding the Cuban dictator:
With a cynical and unscrupulous diplomacy, Raul has achieved everything Fidel had dreamed of. He's been lucky. He's had a weak and ingenuous American president as an intermediary, who's anxious to leave a legacy. In sum: Raul has gotten everything: international legitimacy, freedom to repress, the promise of major investments, the suspension of the embargo (until Congress removes it). And he's had to concede nothing as regards democracy and human rights. Here's the problem: There's no change in Cuba. What has taken place is an American surrender and an uneven agreement between each side. Raul may even obtain for 'free' the return of Guantanamo! Truly an amazing result.
-- Doménico Vecchioni, Raul Castro biographer and former Italian Ambassador to Cuba from 2005-2009, Marti News, 3/8/16