Google's Cuba Deal Not What It Seems

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
The media sensationalism surrounding Obama's Cuba trip would have you believe that Google was readily providing free Internet access to the Cuban people.

One headline read, "Obama Says Google Has a Deal To Expand Internet Access in Cuba".

But that's simply not the case.

As Fabiola Santiago explains in her latest Miami Herald column, "Post-Obama Cuba asks: And now what?":

"Not only are lives still at risk -- more than 300 activists were arrested before Obama’s visit -- but some advances aren’t what they seem.

The tech center Google inaugurated is a step forward but a controlled one, brokered by rewarding Castro sympathizers. It gives a coveted Wi-Fi hotspot and the prestige of hosting a Google-sponsored technology zone in his studio to Kcho, a mediocre but official artist who’s a Castro protege and calls Fidel his father.

Yet the government turned down Google’s proposal to connect all of Cuba for free."