In Mockery of Obama, Cuba Hands Long Prison Sentence to Two Dissidents

Saturday, March 5, 2016
Via Cuban Democratic Directorate:

The Cuban Democratic Directorate denounces the sentences to political prison of Cuban resistance activists, Alexander Palacio Reyes and Felipe Martínez Companioni, to five and eight years, respectively, by the Castro Regime, in the Camaguey Provincial Court on March 2, 2016. Both activists are members of the Pedro Luís Boitel Pro-Democratic Movement and the Orlando Zapata Tamayo National Civic Resistance Front.

“Yesterday the activists' houses in the city of Camagüey were being monitored and the military cordoned off the Provincial Court in the Previsora neighborhood to prevent people from attending our brothers’ trial. The military officers spread the rumor that it was the trial of two terrorists to justify their presence in the area,” denounced Alexander Pérez Aguilar, president of the Pedro Luís Boitel Pro-Democratic Movement.

The activists were being held in the Cerámica Roja prison since December 2015 for tossing flyers with anti-government literature on the streets. But after both activists began a hunger strike to demand their freedom, they were relocated to Kilo 8, the highest security prison in Camaguey province as a form of punishment.