Obama Lied About the Cuban People, Promotes Business With Castro Family

Monday, March 14, 2016
Next week, President Obama will break his pledge that he'd only travel to Cuba "if, in fact, I with confidence can say that we’re seeing some progress in the liberty and freedom."

But that's not his biggest lie.

The biggest and most consequential lie of President Obama's Cuba policy is that its purpose has been "to help promote the [people's] independence from Cuban authorities."

Hence this week -- in direct contravention of the letter, spirit and purpose of U.S. law -- the Obama Administration will reportedly allow the Castro regime to use U.S. dollars in international financial transactions and a U.S. hotel company to partner with a Cuban military conglomerate run by the Castro family.

As we wrote last week, the "Cuban people" are not shuffling dollars through BNP Paribas, ING Group and HSBC Bank. Only the Castro regime and its apparatchiks are able, willing and eager to do so.

As for reports that Starwood-Marriott seeks to cut a deal with the Castro regime, with the blessing of the Obama Administration, let's clarify what that illegal transaction would entail:

-- It would be an agreement by Starwood-Marriott with a a subsidiary of GAESA, the Cuban military conglomerate run by Raul Castro's son-in-law, General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas.

-- It would be an agreement to manage a hotel property(-ies) for the Cuban military. Among those considered is Havana's swanky Hotel Saratoga, which has been twice-confiscated by the Castro regime.

-- It would be an agreement whereby employees are hired via the Castro regime's state-employment agency (Grupo Palco, S.A.), in violation of numerous International Labor Organization ('ILO') conventions (Nos. 05, 87, 98, 111 and 122).

Thus, how does allowing U.S. companies to conduct business with entities run by the Cuban military -- let alone with the Castro family itself -- and which violate basic international labor norms, "promote the Cuban people's independence from the authorities"?

How are such deals compliant with the letter, spirit and purpose of U.S. law?

Sadly, it's precisely these types of distortions in executive authority by the Obama Administration, and its gross disregard for the rule of law, that is fueling the anger and distrust currently poisoning the political discourse in America.

It's absolutely shameful.