Obama: Victims of Argentina's Dictatorship Deserve Respect, But Not Cuba's

Sunday, March 6, 2016
If you think the Obama Administration has a competent plan for the President's upcoming trip to Cuba and Argentina -- then think again.

Obama was unwittingly scheduled to be in Buenos Aires on March 24th -- during the 40th anniversary of the 1976 coup that installed a military dictatorship in Argentina.

At the behest of human rights groups, Obama will now avoid Buenos Aires on March 24th, where there will be multiple commemorations for the victims. Instead he will spend the day playing golf in the resort town of Bariloche.

He has acquiesced to do so out of respect for the victims of Argentina's dictatorship.

Yet prior to arriving in Argentina, Obama will be "wining and dining" with Cuba's Castro dictatorship.

In other words, the victims of Argentina's dictatorship four decades ago deserve Obama's respect, but Cuba's victims will be disrespected in the midst of their dictatorship (and increased repression).

It's hard to top such utter hypocrisy.

And that's not to mention the historic cozy relationship between Argentina's military dictatorship and Cuba's. (Click here to learn more.)

But that would make the Obama Administration's head spin out of control.

Image below: It's not the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, but the Memorial Cubano in Miami. Each cross is dedicated to a victim of Castro's dictatorship.