Tribune-Review Editorial: Obama Should Bag Cuba Trip

Sunday, March 13, 2016
By The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review's Editorial Board:

President Obama should bag his Cuba trip

Rather than put out the welcome mat for President Obama for his upcoming visit, Cuba is making demands and dictating conditions that treat the second sitting U.S. president to visit the Caribbean isle as a doormat.

Secretary of State John Kerry canceled his preparation trip on word from Cuba's officials that only certain dissidents would be allowed to meet the president, Investor's Business Daily reports. Will, for example, Mr. Obama be allowed to meet Cuba's Ladies in White — the wives of Cuban dissidents who reportedly are beaten and jailed? So much for Obama's objective to “improve the lives of Cubans” on his March 20-22 visit.

But there's more.

In a rambling 3,000-word opus in the Communist Party organ Granma, Team Castro demands that Obama do more to further humble America by rolling over for the regime, Reuters reports. And no one should assume that Cuba had to “renounce any of its principles or cede the slightest bit in its defense” to ensure the president's visit.

In other words, the Castro regime has no intention of changing its human rights oppression. That much is clear as dissident arrests have increased fivefold since the onset of “normalized” relations with the United States in late 2014.

President Obama should reconsider this farcical excursion.