Why Cuban-Americans Should Support Marco Rubio in Florida

Friday, March 11, 2016
On Tuesday, March 15th, the State of Florida will be decisive in the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

The race in Florida is between two candidates -- Marco Rubio and Donald Trump.

If Trump wins Florida, he will be unstoppable in his path to the nomination.

A vote for Ted Cruz in Florida, whom we greatly respect and admire, is a vote for Donald Trump. Thus, even if you support Ted Cruz down the road, it's pivotal Trump does not win Florida.

The Cuban-American community will play a pivotal role in this primary election.

If you missed last night's Cuba policy exchange during the debate, please take a minute to watch it below (or click here).

By voting for Marco Rubio, you would be sending three clear messages:

1. Reject Obama's policy -- When Obama Administration officials talk about efforts to make the new policy of embracing Cuba's dictatorship "irreversible," they mean one thing: Preventing Marco Rubio from re-focusing the policy towards the unequivocal freedom of the Cuban people.

Let's reject Obama's efforts.

2. Stop Donald Trump -- In previously defending Saddam Hussein, Qaddafi, Putin and the Chinese regime's behavior in Tienanmen, Trump would place the moral, international leadership of the United States at risk. Moreover, the discriminatory tactics of Trump operatives urging voters to "vote against the Cubans" have been deplorable.

Let's stop Trump.

3. Bury Fidel Castro's legacy -- Sadly, today Castro stands as the most well-known Cuban in the world. Our people deserve better than that. There would be no greater poetic justice than for Castro to be buried knowing that his dictatorship will be forever eclipsed in history by a young American of Cuban origin who became the leader of the free world.

Let's bury Castro.

This can only happen if all of you -- if our community -- shows up for Marco Rubio on March 15th.