Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Google's Cuban Partner Admits Monitoring Users

As we posted last week, Google's new Havana center (in partnership with pro-Castro artist, Kcho) has become a playground for Cuba's spies and future cyber-warriors.

Furthermore, after passing various security checks, when regular Cubans finally get to enter the center, they are treated to censored online access.

Thus, Google has now officially become an extension of Cuba's censors.

In case you had any doubts, here are some new quotes from Kcho and the security personnel at Google's Havana center admitting such practices:

"We maintain a database to control everyone who enters," said the head of security at the Google+Kcho Mor center.

"We are monitoring all the pages being viewed because I want to know what the connection is being used for," said Kcho himself.

Google should feel very proud.

Pictured below: Raul Castro and Google's Cuban partner, Kcho.