Kerry Feigns 'Outrage' at Carnival's Discriminatory Cuba Cruises

Friday, April 15, 2016
Yesterday, during a visit to Miami, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Carnival shouldn't succumb to Cuba's discriminatory policies.

The United States government will never support, never condone discrimination. And the Cuban government should not have the right to enforce on us a policy of discrimination against people who have the right to travel,” Kerry told The Miami Herald.

Except the Obama Administration already did. But now it's in damage control mode.

In July 2015, when the Obama Administration licensed Carnival's cruises to Cuba, it knew perfectly well that the Castro regime banned anyone born on the island (regardless of current citizenship) from entering the island through vessels.

The Treasury Department knew, which issued the license. And the State Department knew, which issued the foreign policy guidance.

Moreover, we warned them at the time.

Last month, during President Obama's visit to Cuba, he further heralded these cruises and pushed the Castro regime to green-light their entry, knowing (unless his echo chamber failed to brief him properly) about these discriminatory policies.

You simply don't negotiate the terms of a deal after-the-fact.

But they all thought no one would care, notice -- or that it would take care of itself.

This is similar to the missing Hellfire missile, which had been held by the Castro regime since June 2014 (and shared with God-know whom). Yet, regardless, the Obama Administration proceed to embrace Castro, establish diplomatic relations and ease sanctions.

It wasn't until Castro's possession of the missile was revealed -- nearly two years later -- by The Wall Street Journal in January 2016 that the Obama Administration was shamed into taking action.

So spare us the fake indignation, Mr. Secretary.