Obama's Cuban Migration Crisis Isn't Going Away

Monday, April 11, 2016
From The Miami Herald:

Cuban migrants: The exodus though Central America continues

Some 2,000 Cubans are again stranded on the Costa Rica-Panama border

More than 700 others are at a landing spot where they arrive by sea from Colombia

The ashes from the recent Cuban migration crisis are still smoldering, and another mess is underway.

Less than a month after Costa Rica and Panama thought they had put an end to a crisis that exploded in 2015 and left more than 9,500 Cubans stranded in both countries until this March, the seeds of a new migration storm have sprouted and are prospering along the porous and fragile Costa Rica-Panama border.

According to a report by Panama’s Migration Service with updated data through April 6, at least 2,723 Cuban migrants have been detained in that country.

In Paso Canoas, the main border crossing with Costa Rica, at least 1,987 Cubans are stranded there, including: 53 girls, 48 ​​boys, 714 women and 1,172 men. And in Puerto Obaldia, the point where Cuban migrants from the island arrive by sea from Colombia, there are 736, including: 30 boys, 27 girls, 419 men and 260 women.

The report said the number of migrants increased significantly over the past three years: from 1,154 in 2012 to 21,023 in 2015. The total from 2012 to March 2016 is 35,905.