Unscrupulous Companies That Love Cuba, Love Iran

Thursday, April 28, 2016
It's not a coincidence that foreign companies known to do business in Cuba, seek to do business with Iran as well.

They have no sense of decency or moral responsibility.

Before you know it, Iran's business lobbyists will start pushing Marriot-Starwood not to "miss opportunities" there.

And we know Obama will give them a "special license" (regardless of U.S. law).

From Hotelier Middle East:

Melia looking to replicate Cuba's success in Iran

Melia hopes to be a major operator in Iran. Melia hopes to be a major operator in Iran.

Hoteliers have wasted no time in announcing their Iran plans ever since the sanctions were lifted earlier this year, and Melia Hotels International became the third brand, behind Accor and Rotana, to announce its plans.

Melia Hotels International global development managing director Maria Zarraluqui told Hotelier Middle East exclusively at AHIC: “The construction is progressing and it should open in less than a year. We are first five-star brand to come to Iran, which is of a different scale.”

Melia has above 15,500 keys in Cuba – a country that shares similarities with that of the Iranian economy, and Zarraluqui explained how that expertise can give the operator a leg up in operating in Iran.