Like With Iran, Obama's Lobbyists Peddle Cuba Narrative (Business)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Last week, an AP investigation revealed how key White House surrogates paid think-tanks and media outlets to promote Obama's (Ben Rhodes') false narrative on Iran.

Among the recipients were The Brooking Institution and The Atlantic Council, as well as reporters at The Nation and Mother Jones.

Sound familiar?

This morning, The Washington Examiner reported that The White House was hosting a private meeting of lobbyists -- organized by an outside group -- to promote business with Cuba's dictatorship.

As the story notes, "A White House official acknowledged that the gathering would take place Wednesday but did not respond to Washington Examiner questions about why it was not included on any public White House schedule, exactly who the participants are, and why an outside business group helped organize it, according to sources familiar with the event."

In sum, The White House is hosting a secret meeting of lobbyists, who are skirting federal registration laws, to promote ways to skirt federal sanctions laws.

So much for the most "transparent" Administration ever.