Obama's Moral Lapse in Cuba, Vietnam, Et al.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Excerpt from Noah Rothman in Commentary:

As reciprocity for normalizing relations with the communist Cuba, Obama required precisely nothing of Raul Castro’s government. There was no demand for internal reforms and no request for relaxing restrictions on dissent and political protest. “Cuba has arguably done more than any other nation to subvert respect for authentic human rights in the United Nations,” wrote Freedom Rights Project co-founder Aaron Rhodes. The activist further averred that Obama’s thaw in relations with Cuba essentially sanctioned Havana’s efforts to shield a motley crew of global human rights abusers from international scrutiny. The operating theory in the White House appears to be that, as is the case in Vietnam, increased commercial ties and the export of capitalism to these command economies will eventually give way to democratization. It is a theory that lacks much in the way of supporting evidence.