Ponder These Images Carefully: The Human Cost of Fighting for Cuban Freedom

Sunday, May 15, 2016
Last week, we posted how, Rosa Escalona, a member of Cuba's Ladies in White, and her family were violently beaten by agents of the Castro regime in the eastern city of Holguin.

Escalona's husband, Alberto Pedro Freire Leiva, suffered a broken spleen and massive internal bleeding. His life currently hangs in the balance.

Meanwhile, her son, Yunior Alberto Freire Escalona, suffered a skull fracture.

Below are the images of Escalona's husband and son.

Currently, the media's focus is exclusively on foreign dignitaries fĂȘting the Castro brothers, on businessmen cutting deals with them, on tourists frolicking in Havana and celebrities glamorizing repression.

The Obama-Chanel-Kardashian policy is doing its best to distract from Cuba's tragic reality.

It's doing its best to cast impunity upon its perpetrators.

It's doing its best to relegate those who courageously fight for the freedom of all Cubans.

But here's the price being paid. Ponder these images carefully.