Cruise Travel Serves No Benefit to Cuban People

Sunday, June 19, 2016
Last year, we warned how scores of "cuentapropistas" were shut down and expelled from the Avenida del Puerto, an area adjacent to the Port of Havana.

In anticipation of cruise-ship arrivals (thanks to the Obama Administration), all of the areas surrounding the Port were taken over by GAESA, the military corporation run by Raul Castro's son-in-law, General Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas.

Thus, all of those cruise-ship travelers overwhelmingly benefit the Castro regime from beginning-to-end.

Now, as Diario de Cuba reports:

Cuban private businesses have little access to Adonia's passengers

The third arrival of Carnival's cruise ship, Adonia, has shown the Cuban government's efforts to limit the contact of its tourists with ordinary people and with local private businesses.

A police cordon at the Sierra Maestra cruise terminal welcomes the passengers. The limited tour of Havana, under the control of government (MINTUR) guides, is composed of the main plazas of the historic center, a lunch at the bar-restaurant El Floridita and a visit to the Ernest Hemingway museum in Finca Vigia.

"We are seeing how the construction of 'bridges' among the people as Obama said in his speech, that was supposed to generate more income for small businesses, is evaporating," said Saul Matos, a coco-taxi driver.

"The competition is unequal for the tourism agencies are controlled by the government. The police bans us from the area, despite there being a waiting area there that corresponds to us," he added.