Obama Further Raises Value of Taking Hostages and Harboring Fugitives

Monday, June 6, 2016
In exchange for an American hostage held by the Castro regime, the Obama Administration has already released three Cuban spies imprisoned in the United States for crimes, including a conspiracy to kill Americans.

Now, in exchange for various U.S. fugitives harbored by the Castro regime, the Obama Administration is considering the release of one of the most damaging spies in history.

Either the Obama Administration is naive, doesn't understand or simply doesn't care that it continues to dangerously raise the value of taking American hostages and harboring fugitives from justice. 

More harmful, long-term consequences for Obama's short-term legacy.

From NBC:

Cuba Wants Convicted Spy Released in U.S. Prisoner Swap

Cuba and the United States are discussing possible exchanges of prisoners, including the release of a woman considered one of the most damaging spies in recent history, U.S. officials told NBC News.

The discussions, said to be in their early stages, are part of efforts by the two countries toward normalization of diplomatic relations.

Among the names floated by Cuban leaders, officials say, is Ana Montes, convicted in 2002 of spying for the Cuban government for nearly two decades while working for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency.