Riddle Me This: 80% of Cuba's 'Self-Employed' Join Castro's Sole Labor Union

Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Here's a sobering fact for defenders of Obama's Cuba policy.

Excerpt from 14ymedio:

Cuba’s Self-Employed Join State Union to Avoid Trouble

Cuba has a unionization rate of almost 96%. According to official statistics, more than three million workers belong to 18 unions that are grouped under the umbrella of the Cuban Workers Central Union, which functions as a conveyor belt for the Communist Party’s “instructions.”

After some first months in which the self-employed were left alone, the CTC encouraged carrying out “political work” in order to make them enter the ranks of the organization. According to their numbers, more than 400,000 “self-employed workers,” of the 500,000 registered in the country, belong to the official organization. For the moment, the creation of a union just for the self-employed continues to be a project “under study.”