Boston Herald: Fidel Burns Obama (Again)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By Tom Shattuck in The Boston Herald:

Fidel burns another Dem president

Fidel Castro has been making fools of young, Democratic presidents for 55 years and now he can add Barack Obama to the notches in his belt.

The old socialist turned 90 yesterday, and in a birthday letter to his people he dedicated a generous amount of space to lambasting the American president.

The letter is proof that Obama has been played. Again.

You knew it would happen.

In his desperation to find a legacy achievement in any wretched corner of the globe, he thought he had one wrapped up in Cuba. In March, Air Force One landed in Havana. President Obama did all the right things to charm Fidel, including deriding the United States for having “too much money in American politics” and adding an obligatory nod to our moral failings: “We do have challenges with racial bias — in our communities, in our criminal justice system, in our society — the legacy of slavery and segregation.”

Obama and Fidel’s younger brother, Raul, took in a baseball game. The gushing American media called it “historic.”

But now Fidel Castro is not playing ball.

In yesterday’s letter, he scolded the U.S. president for not apologizing to Japan for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, writing, “He lacked the words to ask for forgiveness for the killings of hundreds of thousands of people.”

But Fidel, I thought we were friends...

Castro wasn’t done. While taunting America about the many assassination plots against him, he wrote, “I almost laughed at the Machiavellian plans of U.S. presidents.”

Glad we’ve put the old dictator in a good mood. Soon he’ll be bursting with happiness as the normalization of relations with Cuba will mean a windfall for the Castro regime and nada for the people of Cuba.

Sugar and cigars will sell very well in America, but with the average Cuban worker earning just $20 per month, don’t expect any long lines at the Apple Store in Havana.

But Obama’s “achievements” aren’t about any tangible successes attained — that takes humility and hard work.

Obama is the ribbon-cutting president — whether it’s Obamacare, the Iran deal or Cuba, he gets the glory and we get to deal with disastrous 

Happy birthday, Fidel. You’ve won a golden ticket to finish out your golden years in style.

Whether it’s access to American money through lifted embargoes or pallets full of cash, good things happen for bad people under this