Rogues Gallery III: Maduro Celebrates Fidel's Birthday, Receives Orders

Sunday, August 14, 2016
Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro arrived in Havana last night to celebrate the 90th birthday of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

He also took the opportunity to receive the latest marching orders.

However, Maduro didn't arrive empty-handed to Havana.

He presented his Cuban chieftains with a gift: Reaffirming a 14-year prison sentence for Venezuelan democracy leader, Leopoldo Lopez.

In 2014, the Carnegie Endowment's Moises Naim wrote: "The enormous influence that Cuba has gained in Venezuela is one of the most underreported geopolitical developments of recent times."

But equally underreported is how Obama's policy has rewarded Cuba's subversion of Venezuela's democracy and how -- among never-ending concessions -- continues turning a blind-eye to its rogue behavior.