Castro Launches New Crackdown on 'Paladares' ('Private Restaurants')

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Again, Obama's Cuba policy proves to be counter-productive.

From Reuters:

Havana suspends new licenses for private restaurants, owners fret

Havana's city government has temporarily suspended issuing licenses for new private restaurants in the city and warned existing ones to obey tough regulations, according to several owners of the businesses popular with foreign tourists.

The tougher line could put a crimp in Havana's food offering during the upcoming tourism season when both Americans and Europeans are expected to flock to the city in record numbers.

It is also a new sign that Cuba's Communist-run government is hesitant to further open up to private business in a country where it still controls most economic activity.

Last year, Cuba backtracked on a series of market-oriented reforms in agriculture and this year has imposed price controls on private transportation services.