Cuban Pastor on House Arrest for Worshipping Too Loud

Sunday, October 30, 2016
From CBN News:

Cuban Pastor on House Arrest for Worshipping Too Loud

A pastor was sentenced to one year of house arrest by a Cuban civil court for hosting loud worship services.

Juan Carlos Nuñez leads a congregation of some 550 people, a risky job under Cuba's communist government.

Morning Star News reports that Nuñez was tried and convicted of "disturbing the peace" before his lawyer had the opportunity to defend him.

With no legal defense, Nuñez stood little chance against a state committed to persecuting Christians. However, the pastor says he will appeal the sentence and continue to preach the gospel.

"Our mission is to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we are suffering for that cause," Nuñez told Morning Star. "We were treated as criminals and enemies of the government. We are children of God unjustly accused and convicted."

Nuñez said problems like these could be solved if the government would simply allow Christians to build more churches to accommodate the growing number of believers in the communist state.

"The government will not issue us a building permit," he said. "We could avoid this whole problem entirely if they would let us have our own meeting place."

The government is very strict about issuing building permits to churches, forcing many Christians to attend house churches and host secret worship services.

But the persecution has not stopped Christians from worshipping and spreading the light of the gospel in darkness.