How Obama Was (Again) Outmaneuvered by Cuba's Regime #UNGA

Sunday, October 30, 2016
This week, the Obama Administration (literally) celebrated its abstention from a resolution presented at the United Nations General Assembly ("UNGA") by Cuba's dictatorship condemning a U.S. law.

In remarks explaining away the Obama Administration's shameful (and unconstitutional) unwillingness to defend U.S. law at an international organization, the U.S.'s Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, spent most of her time apologizing for the U.S.'s "imperfections."

The very next day, the same UNGA voted overwhelmingly to elect Cuba to the U.N.'s Human Rights Council.

For further perspective (and farce), Cuba's dictatorship received 160 votes for a seat at the Human Rights Council, while the United States received 175. Cuba received the most votes in Latin America -- beating out Brazil (137) and Guatemala (82). And, of course, China beat out both Cuba and the United States with 180 votes.

In other words, thanks to the U.S.'s lack of leadership -- and despite its endless kowtowing and apologizing -- the overwhelming majority of nations in the UNGA feel that there is a certain equivalency between the United States and Cuba on the issue human rights. An equivalency between the world's beacon of freedom and one of the worst violators of human rights.

Predictably, the Castro dictatorship heralded these UNGA votes as "international recognition" of Cuba as a champion of human rights.

Meanwhile -- in practice -- human rights violations in Cuba continue to dramatically deteriorate.

And thanks to the Obama Administration's immoral policy, the Cuban people find themselves more abandoned than ever.